They're Twins Despite What Their Birth Certificates Say

Milford, CT  (June 2011)  They’re Twins Despite What Their Birth Certificates Say!  It’s not often that twins can say they have different birthdays, but it’s true for newborns Jacob and Sawyer Saldibar of Orange.   The babies were born a day apart at Milford Hospital with twin “A”,  Jacob,  arriving at 11:57pm on June 6th and his brother, twin “B” Sawyer, joining him 26 minutes later at 12:23am on June 7th.    Dr. Tim Sharpe, who delivered the twins,  said “never in my professional career have I delivered twins born on different days.”   


Perhaps making these twins arrival even more unique is that each twin was delivered differently – Jacob was delivered vaginally while his brother made his entrance via cesarean section.   Despite the fact that the delivery was not planned this way, the boys arrived healthy and safe weighing in at 5 pounds 15 ounces and 6 pounds 5 ounces respectively.   Parents Rebecca and David,  were very excited and thrilled with the safe arrival of their newborns.   “We’re happy they’re here and they’re healthy” they said.  The twins join 19 month old sister Isabella.  


According to David, the twins were due on June 24th.    However, early Monday afternoon, during a routine office visit, they learned that Rebecca’s labor was imminent.   They were back at the hospital by 7:00 pm that evening, that’s when things started to get exciting.   To complicate things and,  perhaps, contribute to their surprising delivery during the day younger brother Sawyer, the “trouble maker” throughout the pregnancy according to dad, had turned sideways forcing a c-section.   The whole thing was “very exciting” according to Sharpe.  “That the twins were born on two days in two different ways is very intriguing.   Their whole lives their story will bring smiles to a lot of faces.”


The twins will be joining Isabella at home later this week.  Despite the excitement surrounding their arrival, the sleeping babies seemed to be taking everything in stride.    “It’s unique enough to be a twin.  But to be born on different days makes it even more special.” Sharpe said.