Milford Hospital and LifeStar Celebrate 25 Year Partnership

May 2010

When crew members from Connecticut’s LifeStar helicopter arrived at Milford Hospital on Wednesday, hospital staffers were prepared to greet them.  Although this was an official visit, fortunately, the purpose was a celebration rather than response to a trauma.

In observance of their 25 year affiliation, Chief Flight Nurse and Associate Director of the LifeStar program, Lisa Graziano and her colleague Meghan Kranyak, of Milford, a LifeStar Respiratory Therapist were in Milford to present Hospital President and CEO Joseph Pelaccia with a plaque recognizing their long standing partnership.   The hospital’s Emergency Department Manager, Jayne Pinto and Clinical Nurse Manager, Michael Madonick  were also on hand to accept the award.

Pelaccia and the hospital’s emergency department personnel referenced several instances over the past two and a half decades when Milford Hospital has utilized LifeStar to transfer patients.  He thanked Graziano’s team for their service to Milford and the State of Connecticut  “LifeStar is a vital medical link for Connecticut’s most critical patients.  This is a true milestone and we are fortunate to be partners with LifeStar in providing rapid transport and high quality medical care to those most in need.” 

LifeStar has transported over 20,000 patients since 1985.  According to Graziano,  “during it’s 25 years of service, LifeStar has landed in every Connecticut town and has served every Connecticut hospital.”