Milford Hospital Partners with Local Pastor to Bring Relief to Haiti

June 2010

Since January 12, 2010, when a catastrophic magnitude seven earthquake ripped through Haiti, the world has extended its resources to help the Haitians rebuild.   Generous individuals, communities and organizations across the globe have offered support, aid and resources to the devastated island.   Like so many others Milford Hospital has responded to the disaster by twice donating much needed medical supplies to the relief efforts.

Acting on behalf of the University of Miami field hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti and the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR),   Reverend Virginia Carle, of the Mary Taylor United Methodist Chuch approached Milford Hospital President Joseph Pelaccia for the hospital’s support.    Reverend. Carle, a registered nurse and certified Emergency Response Technican, was preparing to embark on her second post-earthquake journey to Haiti.   According to Carle,  among Haiti’s most desperately needed items: sterilized medical and surgical supplies.   Within days,  Milford Hospital responded by assembling and delivering twenty-five boxes of supplies to Rev. Carle and her team for their June 15th trip to Haiti.   These supplies included much needed surgical masks, gowns, suction tubing, steriled gauze, surgical cloths, towels and more.

Carle, along with her UMCOR team of ten Emergency Response Technicans, will be will be attending to the more than 300 people who pass through the doors of the medical center daily. The team will be working sixty miles west of Port-Au-Prince in Fon Duze, Haiti. “Sterilization, is a massive problem that is leading to an extremely high rate of infection,” explained Rev. Carle. “we [UMCOR] are just overwhelmed by the generosity of Milford Hospital.”

“In Haiti, the average life expectancy is fifty,” explained Rev. Carle. “Helping the Haitians in such a time of need is a calling for all of us.  Despite the challenges we will certainly face, we are pleased to have the support of  Milford Hospital in providing the medical relief so despertaly needed in Haiti.”

Prior to the hospital’s most recent donation,  in February,  just weeks after the quake, Milford Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Lloyd Friedman,  coordinated the donaton of medical and surgical supplies to an orphanage in Haiti.  Dr. Friedman’s acquantaince, Damien Paglia and his wife Nazorine, a Haitian native,  enlisted the hospitals support for their mission.   Paglia explained, “we were seeking first aid supplies for a mission to the orphanage which was doubling as a medical relief center.   We were amazed by the generosity of Milford Hospital.  We received dozens of bags of supplies, they filled our entire van.”

According to Milford Hospital CEO and President,  Joseph Pelaccia , “Milford Hospital is pleased to be able to support the medical relief efforts in Haiti. By providing these critically needed medical supplies we are doing a small part in caring for the people of Haiti and offering them the hope of a brighter tomorrow.”