August 2010

Alan Lynn, CHEM, CSE, Emergency Management Coordinator for Milford Hospital believes the earth is getting hotter.  While he won’t argue Global Warming vs. Climate Change, he does believe that we in Connecticut now have a significant Tornado season.   According to Lynn “there have been 84 tornado touchdowns in the last 50 years including 2 F-4s (winds exceeding 200 mph).  One devastated New Haven.  They are becoming more frequent and the season now extends into October”.

As the Emergency Coordinator for Milford Hospital, “we have a plan, but we don’t need to conduct Tornado drills.  We activate our plan for real at least twice per year for the last few years.  That includes moving patients away from glass, closing the metal blinds between the windowpanes of the 110 mph rated hospital windows.  Keeping patients and visitors safe inside and away from glass until the danger has passed” said Lynn.

He now believes the schools in Connecticut need some type of awareness and education.  “When the schools reopen, we still have a good month and a half of possible tornado activity.  Its time."  

Alan Lynn is a sitting member and has proposed this plan to Connecticut’s “Public Health Preparedness Advisory Committee” and has the backing and encouragement from the State’s other 33 Acute Care Hospitals.Because the school year is only one month away, he has adapted signs and brochures from other parts of the country such as Oklahoma, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Lynn believes that awareness education is necessary for Parents, Bus Drivers, Teachers and school Administration, with age appropriate education presented to pre-school and elementary level, Middle School and High School students.  “I have spoken with Acting Superintendent Cummings of the Milford Public School System, and he has agreed that this is important and will do everything he can to help get this message out”.   More than just the schools, parents and the Bus Companies need a awareness.

“The Department of Public Health, and the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security have agreed to partner with the State Board of Education if they agree and have pledged do everything they can.   “I am waiting for a call from Dr. McQuillan as we speak” noted Lynn.

Alan Lynn has his Integrated Emergency Planning credentials from the Harvard School of Public Health and is FEMA certified in “Community Hurricane Preparedness”.  He has numerous Emergency Management certifications from Yale, Tulane, Columbia, ECRI, CUNY and the National Fire Academy.