Ready for Anything! Disaster Drill Prepares Hospital and Local Responders for Worst Case Scenario

October 2010

Milford Hospital staffers in collaboration with multiple partner agencies including the Milford Health, Police and Fire Departments, the CT Department of Public Health, the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security,  Joseph A. Foran High School and other hospitals in the region received some real life practice responding to a mass casualty incident through a training exercise conducted at Milford Hospital on Friday, October 15th. 

The scenario for the practice event was a simulated train derailment with an unconfirmed allegation of terrorist responsibility.  Add to that, the possibility of anthrax on board the train, and all the resources within the hospital, the city and region wide were tested. 

“Disaster exercises play an important role in the overall development and testing of an emergency plan,”  said Alan Lynn, Milford Hospital’s Safety Director.  “We always learn something from these drills”  he went on to say that “lessons learned through the exercise would be evaluated to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement.”
Hospitals are required by the Joint Commission to have disaster response plans in place and conduct periodic drills for improvement and training purposes.   This is expected to be the hospital’s largest drill of the year.   The two hour exercise was designed by Lynn and conducted on a large scale at Milford Hospital, with hospitals throughout the state participating via an online Emergency Operations Center.  

Joseph Pelaccia, President and CEO of Milford Hospital was pleased with the hospital’s response.  “By testing our emergency operations plan, and having a commitment to excellence in emergency management, Milford Hospital is prepared to ensure the safety and security of our patients and the community.”